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Leave Your Hometown: 16 Reasons Why You Should Go For It

Moving away from your hometown may seem scary at first. This post will give you a few reasons why you should (and hopefully influence you) leave your hometown for travel, work or study.

Becoming a solo traveller when you move away from home unlocks so many personal things that you did not know about yourself.

Leaving my hometown was something I always dreamed about. As soon as I graduated from University, I jumped onto a flight which was destined to land 10,000 miles away from my home.

A friend and I had made a last-minute decision to become backpackers for a year in Australia. Looking back, this was one of the best experiences of my life.

Why is it Good To Leave Your Hometown?

Leaving your hometown in your early 20’s is considered a life hack. Moving away at 21 years old has helped me to become stronger, more resilient, and more thankful.

Leaving my bubble of comfort was not easy, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

A roller-coaster full of ups, downs and every emotion you can think of, moving to a new place is an experience of no other. Therefore, I have created this blog post to encourage you all to take the plunge.

Fresh Start, Along With Endless Opportunities

A new clean slate, fresh page, new beginnings, or whatever way you want to put it. It is always a good incentive to try and recreate your identity.

If you are sick and unhappy with your current life, then I suggest moving on.

As soon as you have left high school or university people will say over and over again ‘The world is your oyster’. Which is true!

By leaving your hometown and expanding your horizons you will realise how big the world is, and how there are endless opportunities waiting for you!

Also, some of us simply just need a change. We need a different scenery and different location.

Some of us are born into a situation that are not that favourable for us. Or, the people you are around and not helping to build to you. Some of us need a change of location.

The negative situations we were born into, we do not have to die in. You are not a tree, therefore, move! We did not choose where we were born but we can choose we are heading.

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Independence And Self-Reliance

Being a solo traveler allows you to grow and will brings so much independence. You will find yourself in situations such as making rent, paying bills, and doing laundry, where you cannot rely on friends and family.

When you live at home at family you will never be forced to grow as you will always have a back up plan or people to rely on.

Therefore, you will learn to become resourceful and reliant on yourself. In the process, you will learn quickly, build resilience and figure out how to do things alone.  

Being self-reliant is a great skill to learn in your 20s. As you get older, you experience more hiccups along the way.

You will be able to easily figure out solutions to your problems by having faith in yourself.

No Commitments

You are perhaps at a time in your life when you have no dependents, family, or nothing pinning you down in your hometown. So now is the perfect chance for you to uproot your life and do something entirely different.

Meet New People

Yes, it is so important to have lifelong friends that you met on the very first day at school. Sometimes, in life it gets to a point where you feel stuck in these friendships that you have had for years.

Also, you realise you have nothing in common with these people or they pull you down and they only thing that is keeping you together is routine.

Therefore, moving away from your hometown allows room for more and it is important to meet new people. Meeting new people who are open-minded and similar to you will lead fun conversations and spark new friendships.

You will have unique sets of friends from all over the world. Organising gatherings where you can bring your home friends together with your travel friends is always great fun too.

Immersing yourself in new cultures and local cuisines and being accustomed to new ways of life, is the beauty of moving to a new place. Staying open-minded you will have no issues adapting, which is a great quality to have as an individual.

Once you start meeting new people, it becomes addictive. And now, I cannot get enough of meeting new people and introducing myself into diverse cultures.

Follow this guide on how to make friends while travelling solo.

Leave Your Hometown

Networking Opportunities

As well as making new personal relationships you will also get the chance to make professional relationships too. Moving away from your hometown will allow you to create an expansive network which essential if you want to do well in a career.

It’s good fun getting to grow your network, meeting new people in your industry, showcasing your talents and gaining the chance to learn one thing or another.

Introducing yourself might seem scary at first. However, the more you introduce yourself to people, the less scary it gets.

So, you will build confidence in yourself, but also, you will gain a group of friends and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

There are so many more jobs when you move to a larger city or to a different country. You will get so many more opportunities to help build your career and resume.

Also, there is a chance for increased income which most people will miss out on because they are unwilling to move location.

New Skills

There are so many activities that I got to try including mountain biking, horse riding, surfing, and skydiving. I also got inspiration to develop my photography and painting skills. Oh, and also to start this blog.

Autumn in Scotland, woman pumpkin picking
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Different Perspective

At home you have lived with people who all have similar experiences to you. You went to the same school, knew the same people, were a part of the same teams and went to the same places.

Honestly, moving away from your hometown and engaging with new people feels like unlocking a new level.


There are so many opportunities to soak up that vitamin D! Living in a country where you get proper seasons and you can actually go outside in shorts and t-shirt and not freeze, is bliss!

Having the chance and willingness to go outside more can lead to trying a few hobbies that you would have never done before.

Also, if you live in a hot country originally, you might want to move somewhere where you can experience cold winters and snow!

Reasons to Leave Your Hometown. Solo Travel.

Different Things To Do

I used to always go to the same bars, pubs and clubs. With the same group of friends, and you will always see the same people wherever you go.

But when you leave you realise there are so much more things to explore, see and do.

When you move to a different town there is a chance that you will get to try something new, something that you did not know existed, or that you would have never got to try at home.

There are more opportunities when you move to a larger city, therefore some people end up following (and being successful) in completely different paths.

Appreciating Family More

Your parents will be so proud of you if you have the mindset and confidence to move away from home in your early twenties.

Once you move out from your family home and start meeting new people you start to realise how much of a good job your parents did raising you. And you realise you have a lot to thank for.

It’s the truth when they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Whether it takes a few days or a few months, you will begin to miss your loved ones back home. Missing birthdays, holidays and getting together is difficult but everyone is just a video call or message away.

You might get homesick and make a last-minute decision to surprise your parents back home.

However, all I can say is that homesickness will pass, and just a reminder that moving out in your twenties is a good thing for you and for your parents.

Girls Jumping Beach
Girls Jumping Beach

You’ll Never Look At Your Home Town The Same way

I was away from home for a year, and as soon as I got home I started to appreciate the little things that were awful and boring there. I am proud to say that I am from Scotland.

Despite the weather, Scotland is an amazing country, which is famous for beautiful landscapes and a special unique culture. From the bustling cities of Glasgow to the quiet scenic beaches on the west coast.

There is so much to offer. It is a shame that it took me a year abroad to realise this.

I have a lot of friends who I met travelling that are desperate to come and visit the Scotland.

Greater Trust and More Confidence In Yourself

As well as developing resilience you learn to trust your gut instinct. There are a few situations where your friends and family are not there when you call for help.

You will learn to be more comfortable with going places on your own, starting new jobs and meeting new people.

There will be so many situations where you feel insecure and at your lowest. But, again you will learn to handle this and motivate yourself over the next hurdle.

Skiing in Scotland
Source: Unsplash

Manage Money

Being stuck with no money, on the other side of the world, with your landlord nagging you because you cannot keep up with rent is definitely a situation I do not want to be in again.

Moving away where you cannot rely on anyone is a challenge, especially when you previously lived with your parents.

So, you must learn (quickly) how to budget, save, what shopping is necessary and what is not. You might even get yourself into debt and back out again which is always fun.

Reflect More

When you move away to a different country you will be left with your own thoughts much more. This is an opportunity to reflect in a positive way.

With so many distractions and drama at home, it can be comforting and helpful to move away for a while.

It is vital to learn to look back, to realise how far you have come and how much you have grown. Have a sense of accomplishment when you get a new job, reach a new milestone or achieve small things.

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Travelling and the Freedom

You can buy things and make life decisions without having to feel pressured or seek approval from others. Apply for a new job in a totally new industry, take a scuba diving course, or get a horse.

Who cares? Do it all on your own.  

With freedom, come mistakes. You might lose a job, lose a friend, or accidentally crash the car.

However, you learn that making mistakes is perfectly normal and it is how you carry yourself, work it out and it is how it makes you stronger on the other side.

Now, you are less judgemental, and it is easier to be yourself when you are surrounded by strangers. Also, you make changes that people in your hometown will consider to be too drastic.

With the freedom to focus on yourself and uncover who you really are, your perspectives will change. Evidently, you will become a new person – the person you are meant to be.

Home is Wherever You Are

Your environment and upbringing plays a massive role in who you are, how you feel, what you think, how you carry yourself, what you care about and what you do. 

So once you switch your environment, you switch your focus. And instead of sticking with people who you have known all your life. You start hanging out with people who have the same interests as you. 

So, leave your hometown and your old habits and watch the world around you change, ultimately finding a better version of yourself.

Goodbye Comfort Zone

If you change the limits of your comfort zone now, there will be no need to try and find yourself in your 30’s or 40’s because you are already comfortable with yourself. Other people in your hometown will be reaching their milestones and now, that will no longer bother you.

You will become detached from familiar influences, and a change in scenery will create room for self-discovery. You have the ability to realise that everyone is on their own path in life, and you do not have to stick to societal norms.

Is It Bad To Move Back To Your Home Town?

Moving back to your hometown will give you a chance to reconnect with your loved ones. Also, you will realise who cares for you and wishes to get back in contact with you and you will learn about the ones who do not care. 

As you know, reminiscing about old times will never get old.

Also, coming back to your home town for a short time will make you appreciate some things that you have noticed before. You will rediscover what is important.

Final Note: Why you Leave Your Hometown

When it comes to big things such as leaving your hometown we put so many negative ‘what ifs’ on it. ‘What ifs’ include things like ‘what if i do not make friends?’ ‘What if I do not have enough money?’. Honestly, there is no reason to overcomplicate it, just go for it.

Everything is possible, you just how to follow the curve. Your life will have its ups and downs.

Everything is possible when the curve dips, and it will come back up again. If you do not like where you are staying just simply move.

If you have ever wondered what it will be like to live in a different place. Move away from your support system and truly find who you are.

I would say just go for it. Stop dreaming and make it happen.

Don’t spend your life wondering ‘what if’. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up hating it and move back home.

And that is ok too. Hopefully, this post has inspired to you move away from your hometown.

In a new place you can pick friends who align with your mindset, you can pick people who elevate you. It is amazing being able to restructure in a new place without having to destroying your old place.

Also, you will grow a sense of gratitude. You will start to appreciate where you come from and and when you are away from them, you start to appreciate it them a lot more.

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