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20 Best Waterfalls In The Scottish Highlands

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The Highlands of Scotland is very remote and has magnificent landscapes which lead to the most dramatic waterfalls in the United Kingdom. This post lists the best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands.

The historic region has monumental mountains, making it one of the most favourite destinations for nature lovers. In addition, Scotland waterfalls will make an unforgettable experience.

The islands are an excellent place for staycation. The pale white sands and crystal clear blue waters will make you feel like you are abroad, minus the difference in temperature.

Also, the islands are such a unique place and is great for off the beaten track for solo travellers.

Scotland is well known for having heavy rainfall all year round. Rainfall will make the waterfalls even more dramatic.

Trust me when we say that the beauty and awe from these waterfalls will certainly not disappoint.

In addition, these waterfalls will remind you how powerful and clever mother nature can be. This article outlines the picture perfect seventeen waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland.

Falls of Foyer, Loch Ness. Best waterfalls in the Scottish highlands
Falls of Foyer, Loch Ness

Falls of Foyers

The Falls of Foyers is a waterfall on the River Foyers and it eventually leads to Loch Ness. This falls is one of the highest and best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands.

The car park is just across the road from the site and it is free. To get to the falls, it is a short but steep walk.

However, the waterfall is amazing and it is well worth the walk. 

During periods of heavy rainfall, the steps to the viewpoint can get very slippery. The viewpoints to the 140 foot drop are excellent.

The waterfall is only twenty miles from Inverness. Falls of Foyers translates to Gaelic as the ‘smoking falls’.

Starting Point: Falls of Foyers Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Foyers Roost

Avich Falls

Avich Falls is located in the Barnaline Oakwoods near Dalavich. The woodlands have some secret spots for getting amazing views across Loch Awe.

There are clearly marked paths here, which will take you to the small but stunning Avich Falls. Although the series of waterfalls are not the highest, they are definitely photogenic. 

Overall, the route will take two hours from Barnaline Forest car park. The walk takes you through a woodland which has mainly oak and birch trees.

The River Avich is one of the smallest rivers in the Argyll region. The waterfalls are a perfect spot to have a picnic. 

Starting Point: Dalavich Oakwood Forest

Nearby Accommodation: The Cabins

Falls of Cruachan

The Falls of Cruachan is a spectacular waterfall just outside Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Argyll and Bute. These falls are one of the best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands.

The waterfall has been formed due to the Ben Cruachan Munro and the water flows into the large Loch Awe. It is truly an epic sight.

To start the walk to the falls you can park in the train station car park at the foot of the hills. All together the walk to the falls should take forty five minutes.

You will be able to hear the falls for a while before you get a visual of the waterfall. Also, there is a big trek up the mountain before you get a first sighting of the falls.

Starting Point: Falls of Cruchan Train Station Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Orchy Bank House

Falls of Divach 

Falls of Divach is a dramatic cascade which you can get to by walking through the oak woods. The falls are on the west side of Loch Ness and near Drumnadrochit.

There is a little lay-by to park in and it is about a 300 metre walk to get a glimpse of the waterfall. Also, the walk is short, fairly easy and there are clear paths which lead to the viewing platform.

The water tumbles 100 feet to the Divach Burn before flowing into Urquhart Bay on Loch Ness. This is a tranquil and picturesque spot for a picnic, and the woods are full of wildlife. 

Starting Point: Divach Falls Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Clunebeg Lodge

Plodda Falls. Best Waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands
Photo by Jacob Capener on Unsplash

Plodda Falls and Dog Falls

Plodda Falls is set in one of Scotland’s most beautiful glens, Glen Affric.

Glen Affric is well known for its remarkable mountain, loch and riverside scenery. Plodda Falls is one of Scotland’s hidden treasures.

Plodda Falls on one fo the most dramatic and best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands. The waterfall is 46 metres high and is one of the largest waterfalls in the region.

Also, there is a viewing platform which offers magnificent views of the lovely Guisachan Forest and beyond. In addition, while you are in Glen Affric you can stop and view the Dog Falls.

Dog Falls is nine miles away from Plodda Falls and is found in the splendid setting of old Scots pine trees in Glen Affric National Nature Reserve.

There are guided forest walks from the car park, the walks vary in length so if you wish to spend more time in this magnificent area then you can. 

Plodda Falls Starting Point: Plodda Falls Car Park

Dog Falls Starting Point: Dog Falls Parking Place

Nearby Accommodation: Clamhan Cottage

Eas Urchaidh

Eas Urchaihd is also known as Glen Orchy waterfall which is located 13 miles northeast of Falls of Cruachan.

There is a small car park with about ten spaces. You can follow a beautiful path and walk through the forest to get to the falls. 

Also, the rapids are more spectacular after a period of rainfall. The water bounds through the fine rock architecture carved by centuries of fluvial erosion.

In addition, there is a bridge which makes a great viewpoint for the falls. In addition, this is an area which is perfect to relax and have a picnic. 

Starting Point: Eas Urchaidh Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Bridge of Orchy

Inchree Falls, Glencoe

Inchree Falls is almost an hour away by car from the Glen Orchy Falls. The car park is near Glencoe.

To commence the walk to the falls you can park at the Glenrigh Forestry Commission car park.

There are three well marked paths which can take you to the falls. The walks are off the beaten track and showcase hidden woodlands, footbridges and views of Loch Linnhe.

Also, there are several viewpoints to get different views of the falls. Once you have found the falls, I recommend looking for the red squirrels in the car park.

Starting Point: Inchree Falls Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: The Old Store

Rogie Falls, North Coast 500. Best Waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands
North Coast 500 – Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls

Rogies Falls is a series of small but spectacular waterfalls which can be viewed by the miniature suspension bridge. You can park in the free car park and it is only a five minute walk to the waterfall itself.

Next to the car park there are well maintained toilet facilities.  To get to the paths you can follow a well marked path which takes you to the banks of the river and falls.

In August or September you might get to see wild salmon jumping up the river. In addition, the falls are most impressive after a period of rainfall or snowfall, as the water flows Ben Wyvis and the Falls of Rogie are even more sensational. 

Starting Point: Rogie Falls Parking

Nearby Accommodation: Holly Lodge

Steall Falls, Fort William

Steall Falls is near Fort William and it is seventeen miles from Inchree car park. Steall Falls circuit is also known as the Ben Nevis Waterfall.

Steall Waterfalls is the second-highest waterfall in Scotland and is one of the best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands. The iconic waterfalls are 120 metres tall providing amazing breathtaking views. 

You can park in the Glen Nevis car park which is split into the lower falls and upper falls car park. Getting across the river to the upper falls can be fun, use the stepping stone or brave the chain bridge.

Also, there are plenty of pools where you can take a dip at the foot of the falls. It is a long eight mile trek, however, the views at the end make it totally worth it.

Starting Point: Upper Glen Nevis Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Glen Nevis Cottage

Falls of Glomach

Falls of Glomach is located in the north Western Highlands. The beautiful secluded spot is still untouched by tourism.

Also, the people free area will increase your chances of bumping into wildlife such as deer. 

The walk can be quite strenuous, you will need to climb 500 metre altitude and it is about nine kilometres one way. However, the walk is totally worth it once you get to the falls.

The crashing, crystal-clear water plunges 100 metres into the gorge below. I would allow five hours to complete this hike.

Starting Point: Kintail & Morvich

Fairy Glen Waterfall, Inverness, North Coast 500
Waterfall at Fairy Glen, Inverness

Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie

Fairy Glen is an easy, well-signposted walk through the forest and follows along the banks of the Markie Burn. The Fairy Glen was once the scene of a well-dressing ceremony.

The village children decorated a pool with flowers, next to a spring. This was said to ensure that the fairies kept the water supply clean. 

The Fairy Glen contains a series of small and the best waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands. There are two magnificent waterfalls which are lovely.

Make sure to keep on walking once you pass the first one. The forest feels very magical. 

There is a small car park near the beginning of the walk, just off Bridge Street. The low-graded walk can be completed in twenty to thirty minutes.

Overall, the walk is 1.6 miles long. It is a truly magical place.  

Starting Point: Fairy Glen Falls Trail Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Thistle Lodge

Allt na Criche, Fort Augustus

Near Fort Augustus on the south west  banks of Loch Ness you can explore for Allt Na Criche.

Allt Na Criche is a gorgeous forest trail with charming waterfalls which are set in the heart of Scotland. Also, there is a small car park which has free car parking.

The area is perfect for searching for stunning waterfalls. Also, there are beautiful views of the countryside and you can walk through mixed birch and pine woods.

In addition, altogether the hike takes thirty minutes to get to the top and leads to the most rewarding views. I would allow one hour to complete the walk.

Starting Point: Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Appin House

Falls of Shin

Falls of Shin is a lovely place to stop off and appreciate the beautiful and quaint nature. Also, there is a visitor centre, mini golf, gift shop, toilet facilities and toilets available. 

There is a brilliant viewing platform where you can see the waterfall and salmon leaping. The viewpoint is only a five minute walk from the car.

In addition, you can embark on many forest tails that display the nature surrounding the falls. Admission and parking are free.

Starting Point: Falls of Shin Forest Walks

Nearby Accommodation: The Annex

Corrieshalloch Gorge

Corrieshalloch Gorge is a nature reserve with a deep gorge and a dramatic suspension bridge perched over it. Photos taken at the nature reserve will be absolutely stunning and will not do the waterfall justice.

In addition, you can admire the Falls of Measach plummet into one of the most spectacular gorges in the United Kingdom.

The gorge which carries the River Droma is a great example of how glacial meltwater has shaped the Scottish landscape. 

Also, you can get amazing views of the waterfall, gorge and valley from the bridge and the viewing platform. However, here is a small warning – it may not be ideal for those who are afraid of heights. 

In addition you can explore the rest of the nature reserve after you have admired the waterfall and gorge.

There is a great circular walk around the area from the car park. The path is easily marked and well directed. 

The car park is large with a pay and display machine. Overall, you can spend from thirty minutes to an hour here. 

Clashnessie Falls, North Coast 500. Scotland Waterfalls
Falls of Clashnessie

Clashnessie Falls

Clashnessie Falls is an amazing hidden gem. Trails can be very boggy, slippery and wet, especially after a period of rainfall where the falls are the most impressive.

There are signs posts to help guide you to the waterfall. To get up very close, where you can practically touch the bottom of the waterfall you will have to cross the stream. 

You will only need to walk fifteen minutes from the road side to get to this natural beauty. There is not a lot of space for parking.

Also, be aware of the locals, respect their privacy and do not wander through their gardens. Alternatively, you can park near the beach just outside Clashnessie

Starting Point: B869

Nearby Accommodation: Ocean Surf

Eas A’Chual Aluinn

Eas A’Chual Aluinn is a spectacular waterfall which stands massively tall at 638 feet. To get to the walk which takes you to the falls, you can park in a parking area on the sharp bend on the A894 between Kylesku and the Lochinver junction.

You will need to have an OS map to get to the falls as there is no signal and the waterfall is not accurate on Google maps. 

The rocky walk to the top of Britain’s highest waterfall takes you into the heart of Assynt’s rough scenery, past lovely loaches and streams.

Eas A’Chual Aluinn falls 200 metres in two steps to the shores of Loch Glencoul far below. Overall, the walk is utterly superb, the whole route should take five hours. 

Starting Point: Quinag Car Park Viewpoint

Nearby Accommodation: Newton Lodge

Wailing Widow Falls

Wailing Widow Falls is also sometimes known as Hanged Man Falls. The waterfall is easier to get to compared to Eas A’Chual Aluinn.

Wailing Widow Falls is not too far from the car park off the A894, not too far from north of Ullapool. You can get to the bottom of the falls in ten minutes by foot.

The water in the waterfall plummets 50 foot from the Loch na Gainmhich into a narrow gorge below. It is an absolute must see as the waterfall is  one of the most impressive waterfalls in the whole of the United Kingdom.

You can view the waterfall from above or down below at the bottom of the gorge, both views are fabulous. 

Make sure you make waterproofs and waterproofs as the walk is not the easiest. However, the views are 100% worth it.

Starting Point: Loch na Gainmhich Waterfall Car Park

Nearby Accommodation: Newton Lodge

Final Note

Make sure you pack a water bottle, wear comfy footwear and have your phone with full battery. Also, make sure you can take plenty of amazing photos.

In addition, remember if you visit after a period of rainfall, the waterfalls will be more immense.

While visiting on days with long sunny periods will be less impressive. Please make sure you respect these environments and leave them the way you found them. 

Argyll and the Highlands of Scotland is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Scotland and the rest of Britain. Hopefully this list has inspired you to visit some waterfalls in Scotland.

For more waterfall trip ideas for the Highlands of Scotland make sure you check out my blog post for North Coast 500 waterfalls. If you have any suggestions of anything to add please leave a comment below.

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