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10 Amazing Waterfalls Near Dundee Scotland (A Locals Guide)

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Dundee is a creative city on the banks of the River Tay. Waterfalls near Dundee include the famous Maspie Glen, Reekie Linn, John Knox’s Pulpit, Den of Finella, Arbirlot Falls, Falls of Unich and Bachnagairn.

Searching for waterfalls is a perfect opportunity to go for a walk, swim or to relax. Keep reading this article to find out more about these lovely mystical waterfalls.

The city is surrounded by stunning countryside in Angus and Fife. All the destinations listed in this post are within a hour and a half drive from Dundee and are all within a 50-mile radius.

Kemback Waterfalls, Cupar, Fife

Distance: 12 miles

Drive Time: 20 minutes (12 miles)

Starting Point: Kemback Waterfalls Car Park

Kemback Waterfall is mysterious but mighty falls. It is located right next to the road across from Kemback Church Hall.

It is a very popular waterfall, where there was many cars stopped in the car park which is approximately 50 yards from the waterfall.

Also, a good few people were out to view the waterfall or to join the small walking trails. The falls tumble over a small cliff and it is even more spectacular after a period of heavy rainfall.

The waterfall is part of the Ceres Burns which joins the River Eden one mile down the road. The whole area is very attractive, it is well worth a look in you are in the area.

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Arbirlot Falls waterfalls near Dundee. Angus. Waterfalls Near Me. Waterfalls in Scotland
Arbirlot Falls

Arbirlot Waterfall, Arbirlot, Arbroath

Distance: 16 miles

Drive: 25 minutes

Starting Point: Arbirlot

Arbirlot Falls is one of the most memorable features of the four-mile family friendly trail, Arbirlot Natural Trail.

In addition, the trail follows an old Angus railway line which was in use in the early 20th century.

The walk starts from a small public car park at Elliot, just off the A92 as it enters the outskirts of Arbroath from the South. The waterfall comes from Elliot Water and flows into the North Sea.

The waterfall is small and offers a good pool of water if you fancy going for a swim. Or, it is a perfect shot for your Instagram.

Alternatively, you can park in Arbirlot, there is a few spaces just before the bridge outside the cemetery. The falls are just under the bridge and a few steep steps down from the road.

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Reekie Lin Waterfall waterfalls near Dundee. Angus
Reekie Lin, Glen Isla, Angus

Reekie Linn, Glen Isla, Angus

Distance: 20 miles

Drive Time: 35 minutes

Starting Point: Reekie Linn Waterfall Car Park

The impressive waterfall is one of the most spectacular in the area. There is a small car park and a picnic area located on the B954 west of Forfar and Kirriemuir.

The locals in the area assumed this was a well-kept secret. However, the popularity has increased so be aware getting parked might be difficult.

The paths are narrow and point and close to the steep-sided gorge, be aware of the 150 feet drop to the water below. The walk is easy, and you can get magnificent views of the waterfall in ten minutes from leaving the car park.

Reekie Linn translates to Smoky Waterfall, due to the spray the waterfall emits from the 25 metre drop.

If you are there after a storm or heavy rainfall you are in for a treat. The waterfall is water run-off or snowmelt from the Cairngorms in the North.

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Maspie Glen, waterfalls near Dundee. Fife. Waterfalls Near Me. Waterfalls in Scotland
Maspie Glen

Maspie Glen, Falkland, Fife

Distance: 23 miles

Drive Time: 35 minutes

Starting Point: Maspie Glen Car Park

This is a beautiful magical walk just outside the town of Falkland. At the beginning of the walk near the car park, there is a nice café.

The paths are narrow and can be muddy after some rain, so make you wear sturdy footwear.

Some areas of the path are close to the burn so be careful with small children. Be aware that some paths are not accessible for safety reasons but that does not stop you from getting a good view of the waterfall.

I recommend spending two to four hours here. There are a lot more paths and trails that stretch over the Lomond Hills where you can explore massive estates.

Or you can walk through Falkland which is a matter of minutes away.

The waterfall is magnificent in all seasons, you will not be disappointed. Oh and also keep an eye out for the coin trees.

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John Knox's Pulpit, waterfalls near Dundee. Fife. Waterfalls Near Me. Waterfalls in Scotland. Things to do in Fife. walks Near Me.
John Knox’s Pulpit

John Knox’s Pulpit, Glen Vale, Fife

Distance: 27 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Glen Vale Car Park

This waterfall is also situated in the Lomond Hills Regional Park. Start your walk at Glen Vale Car Park on Dryside Road.

Be aware that the parking is very limited, as this spot has become increasingly popular after lockdown. The scenic walk to the waterfall follows a gentle steeping slope through heather, trees and over a small bridge.

The waterfall is approximately 2 km away from the car park which takes about an hour to get there. John Knox’s Pulpit is a feature from grey sandstone laid down in the desert sand dunes when the area was near the Equator 400 million years ago.

If you wish to spend more time here, explore Lomond Hills further and look for Bunnet Stone, Maidens Cave or Tyndall-Bruce Monument. Or if you are very adventurous you can try and walk to the summit of East and West Lomond Hills.

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Falls of the Braan, Dunkeld

Distance: 30 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour

Starting Point: The Hermitage Car Park

Falls of the Braan is a waterfall located in the Hermitage at the National Trust for Scotland protected site in Dunkeld. The Hermitage is a very picturesque area with stunning falls and wonderful forest trails.

The waterfall is also known as the Black Linn and is only a ten minute walk from the car park. In addition, if you prefer to walk longer you can follow the signs up to Pinecone View Point. 

Alternatively, you can follow a circular route along the River Braan back to the car park.

Overall, the circular route can take up to two hours. The Hermitage car park is just off the A9 and it costs £3 to park there.

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Rocks of Solitude, Edzell

Distance: 34 miles

Drive Time: 50 minutes

Starting Point: Lay by on B966

The Rocks of Solitude is also part of the Blue Door Walk and is located on the River North Esk. The walking route is located on the Angus and Aberdeenshire border near a small village called Edzell.

If you want to feel like you are in wonderland then this is the place for you. It is a gorgeous walk and it is a perfect way to connect with nature.

To get to the Rocks of Solitude you can park in a small lay-by near the river opposite the Glenesk Caravan Park. Also, if there are spaces you can park in front of the blue door on the B966.

Alternatively, when it is busy it may be best to park at the north end of Edzell and follow a longer circular route. The longer route is six and a half miles long and takes two and a half hours.

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Bachnagairn, Glen Doll

Distance: 36 miles

Drive: 1 hour

Starting Point: Glen Doll Car Park

This is a stunning waterfall tucked away in the ancient Scots Pine tree forest. You can park your car at Glen Doll car park.

The distance of the walk is eight miles, and it will take approximately two and a half hours to three hours.

At the beginning of the walk, you will cross a bridge and follow the track.

This is a relatively undemanding walk taking you through a remote glen where the craggy hillsides loom. Also, there is another bridge over the waterfall.

You can walk a little further to get an amazing view of the glen if you wish. Finally, stop for a picnic near the bridge and set off back on track through the valley to Glen Doll.

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Den of Finella, Waterfalls near Dundee. Angus
Den of Finella

Den of Finella, Montrose, Angus

Distance: 42 miles

Drive Time: 48 minutes

Starting Point: Layby on A92

Also known as the lost waterfall, this is one of Scotland’s hidden gems. There is no parking at this site.

However, you can park on the pavement on the bridge if it is not busy.

The waterfall is situated under a busy road, so if you are local, I would recommend walking. To get to the waterfall you must climb down (very) very steep embankments.

There are ropes to help guide you down, that is how steep it is. This is not a place for children as it can be dangerous.

You will be walking and climbing at your own risk (my phone slipped out of my hand and into the water here!!). Also, I would not recommend going in Autumn and Winter as it will be very slippery.

This is a big waterfall, and the views are totally worth it. Once you are down near the foot of the waterfall it does not feel like you are in Scotland at all.

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Falls of Unich waterfalls near Dundee. Angus. Walks Near Me. Things to Do in Angus. Things to Do in Tayside
Waterfalls in Scotland. Waterfalls Near Me.
Falls of Unich

Falls of Unich and Falls of Damff, Brechin, Angus

Distance: 47 miles

Drive: 1 hour 10 minutes

Starting Point: Car Park at Auchronie

Falls of Unich is part of the Loch Lee circuit in Glen Esk. The best place to park is in Invermark car park.

At the beginning of the walk, you will walk past Invermark Castle. Next, you will come across the picturesque Loch Lee.

Follow the tracks towards the north of Loch Lee and follow around until you see the Falls of Unich in the distance. The tracks in this part of the circuit are good.

However, it can get boggy at times, so make sure you are wearing good hiking footwear. After the Falls of Unich, you can keep following the Loch Lee circuit to reach the Falls of Danff.

Walking to the Falls of Unich will take one and a half hours, and the tracks are fairly flat. However, they are slightly steep at some parts.

If you are doing the Falls of Unich loop, I recommend at least 3 hours (half day). If you continue and do the full loop it will take a full day.

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Does Scotland Have Waterfalls?

The answer is yes. Interestingly, Scotland is home to some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world.

They are most abundant in the highlands, also, there are some located in Tayside and Fife

How Many Waterfalls Does Scotland Have?

Scotland is home to over 150 waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls are in the highlands, due to the wet climate, rain and steep rugged terrain.

Interestingly, some of Scotland’s waterfalls have Gaelic names or meanings. 

What is the Biggest Waterfall in Scotland?

The biggest waterfall in Scotland is Eas a’ Chual Aluinn in the parish of Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland. The waterfall is over 200 metres (685 feet) in height.

Not only is it the highest waterfall in Scotland, but it is also the highest waterfall in the United Kingdom. Apparently, when the waterfall is in full flow it is three times higher than Niagara Falls.

Final Note

The waterfalls near Dundee make a very enjoyable day out. Make sure to be prepared for your adventure, pack a water bottle, wear comfy footwear and your phone has got a full battery.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to take some amazing photos. Also, remember if you visit after a period of rainfall, the water will be more immense.

While visiting on days with long sunny periods will be less impressive. Please make sure you respect these environments and leave them the way you found them.

I hope you like these suggestions and will give you things to do. Also, I hope you are inspired to escape the city and explore the unique beauty spots in Dundee’s surroundings.

If you have anything you add or suggest please leave a comment below. I hope you have fun exploring.

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