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16 Epic Waterfalls Near Glasgow To Visit In 2023

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This post lists the best 16 waterfalls near Glasgow which are within a two hours drive from Glasgow. All the waterfalls listed are within a sixty-mile radius.

Visiting a waterfall is excellent for your wellness also, it is an excellent way to escape the city and enjoy nature.

The waterfalls included in this list are found in large city parks or further away in the nature reserves, national and regional parks.

Some waterfalls that are on the list are Linn Park Waterfall, Craigie Linn, Campsie Glen Waterfall, Loup of Fintry, Greeto Falls and Falls of Clyde.

Linn Park Waterfall, Glasgow

Distance: 8 miles

Drive Time: 25 minutes

Starting Point: Linn Park Car Park

Linn Park Waterfall is a small waterfall near Glasgow. The stunning waterfall runs through White Cart Water.

Also, the waterfall is not too far from Linn Park Bridge. Linn Park is a beautiful park in the Glasgow suburbs however, you will feel like you are in the countryside.

Linn Park offers peace, tranquillity and sanctuary. Also, the whole park is ideal for walking and is a photographer’s paradise.

In addition, you can get stunning photos of the waterfall during all seasons. Also, there are so many routes to choose from, every path is a delight to walk.

The park is well looked after and there are plenty of spots to have a picnic. There is a car park just off from Linnview Avenue and Simshill Road with paths to the banks of the waterfall. 

Blairskaith Linn 
Blairskaith Linn

Blairskaith Linn 

Distance: 8 miles

Drive Time: 25 minutes

Starting Point: Baldernock Linn

Blairskaith Linn is a stunning hidden gem which is a little tricky to find. As with every waterfall it is the most impressive after a period of high rainfall.

The paths to the waterfall are very slippery and muddy so make sure you are wearing good foot wear. 

To get to the waterfall you can park at Lennox Forest Car Park and walk for half an hour.

If you are feeling brave you can explore the inside of the cave. Interestingly, the cave goes 0.5 miles into the hillside and was used for mining. 

Spout of Ballagan

Distance: 11 miles

Drive Time: 30 minutes

Starting Point: Outside Strathblane Parish Church

The Spout of Ballagan is a part of a series of waterfalls in the stunning reservoir over Ballagan Burn. The waterfall plunges 21 metres off the Campsie Fells escarpment. 

You can reach a viewpoint of the waterfall, however, it is difficult to get up close to the waterfall.

Also, the glen is well known for its spectacular geological exposures and ancient ash gorge woodland. Interestingly, the gorge displays almost 200 alternating shale and limestone rock strata known as Ballagan Beds.

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Craigie Linn, Paisley

Distance: 12 miles

Drive Time: 30 minutes

Starting Point: Gleniffer Braes Country Park Car Park

Craigie Linn is one of the closer waterfalls near Glasgow, passes over Glen Burn in Gleniffer Braes. The walk to the waterfall takes you through beautiful quiet woodland and provides stunning views.

The waterfall looks very authentic and provides a perfect photo opportunity, especially after a period of heavy rainfall. 

To get to the waterfall you can park in Glen Park car park and take a short five minute walk to the falls. Alternatively, you can take longer routes by parking in Gleniffer Braes car park or Robertson car park.

The Robertson car park is also known as the ‘car park in the sky’. As the car park is a well-known viewpoint over Glasgow, especially as the city lights up at night.

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Campsie Glen waterfall
Campsie Glen waterfall

Campsie Glen Waterfall 

Distance: 13 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Campsie Glen Waterfall Car Park

Campsie Glen Waterfall is a wonderful place to go to explore nature. There is a good sized car park which is free and always open.

From the car park, you can follow short steep linear paths to reach different sections of the waterfall. The lower part of the falls is easy to get too.

However, the upper falls are reached by a 300 metre steep walk or a winding 3 miles drive. You can get behind the waterfalls which require a bit of scrambling.

Nearby Accommodation: Dingieshowe Cottage

Devil's Pulpit
Devil’s Pulpit

Devil’s Pulpit

Distance: 15 miles

Drive Time: 35 minutes

Starting Point: Finnich Glen

The Devils Pulpit is located in Finnich Glen which is not far from the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Near the glen is a few car parking places which tend to be full.

At the glen you will be mesmerised by the deep rustic red sand against the green vines on the stone walls. It is a unique sight which is a surprisingly close waterfall near Glasgow.

To get into the Devil’s Pulpit you have to go down Jacob’s Ladder. Jacobs’s Ladder is a steep stone staircase which can be difficult to go down as the rocks can be slippery.

Also, once you arrive in the glen be prepared to get your feet wet. Depending on the amount of rainfall you might have to paddle in the water which can be as deep as your waist.

I would recommend you wear secure footwear. Make sure you bring a change of footwear and a towel.

Loup of Fintry, Stirlingshire, Waterfalls Near Edinburgh
Loup of Fintry, Stirlingshire, Waterfalls Near Edinburgh

Loup of Fintry, Stirling

Distance: 22 miles 

Drive Time: 45 minutes

Starting Point: Loup of Fintry Waterfall Parking

Loup of Fintry and a magnificent result of the Endrick Water as it winds through the lovely Gargunnock and Fintry Hills in the stunning Stirlingshire countryside.

There is a very short walk which is signposted from Fintry village and the falls are best seen after heavy rainfall.

The waterfall drops 94 metres before continuing on past Drymen and into Loch Lomond. Port of Gartness is an alternative spot where parking is limited.

Also, on the Endrick Water near Killearn, it is a fantastic spot to watch salmon jumping in the autumn months.

If the water is not too fast flowing you can try and cross the waterfall near the top. Or, alternatively pose for a picture so you can show others how massive the falls are. 

Lynn Glenn Falls
Lynn Glenn Falls

Lynn Falls, Dalry

Distance: 27 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Lynn Falls Car Park

Lynn falls is a very serendipitous discovery after following a trail which takes you right to the top of the waterfall.

Also, the falls are part of a lovely circular walk which will take you half an hour to complete. The waterfall is roughly halfway through the walk. 

The walk goes up one side of the river to the Troll Bridge at the top, then down back the other side of the river to the picnic area.

Make sure to look out for artful additions including some fairy doors in trees, cutout bats by the sedimentary cliffs and mushroom stools where you can take a rest. 

The car park is called Lynn Bridge car park. It is small and there is enough room for a dozen or so cars. 

This is one of the great hidden waterfalls near Glasgow. There are signs from the car park to the start of the trail.

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Spectacle E’e Falls, Strathaven

Distance: 28 miles

Drive Time: 45 minutes

Starting Point: Sandford Village Hall

Spectacle E’e Falls is a small waterfall on the Kype Water, just alongside Avon Water. The quickest way to get there is to park in Sandford and walk twenty minutes to the falls.

Or alternatively you can walk a longer route from the centre of Strathaven which will take a couple of hours. The walk to the falls is low graded, well signposted and easy to follow.  

Spectacle E’e (eye) waterfalls is named after an incident where a local man falls in love with the miller’s daughter. The miller refused their partnership and ended their relationship.

The local man wanted revenge and placed an eyeglass in the mill’s thatch. As a result, the mill caught fire and was burned to the ground. 

Nearby Accommodation: West Laigh

Falls of Clyde, New Lanark

Distance: 30 miles

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: New Larnark Top Car Park

The fascinating Falls of Clyde is located on the River Clyde. To get to the falls from New Lanark you can simply follow the badger signs along the river.

This is an absolutely stunning place with plenty of amazing views, and great paths to follow. Also, some routes include boardwalks and parts of the route are close to rock edges. 

The Falls of Clyde is a collective name for four waterfalls near Glasgow. The upper waterfalls at the Falls of Clyde are Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn, Dundaff Linn and the lower waterfalls are Stonebyres Linn.

Corra Linn is the highest with the falls being 26 metres tall. The next biggest waterfall is Bonnington Linn at nine metres tall.

There is a large free car park just above New Lanark. As an option you can also walk through the historic mill village of New Lanark and explore the World Heritage Site.

New Lanark was built in 1786 during the industrial revolution and was managed by Robert Owen who was full of revolutionary ideas.

The whole Falls of Clyde circuit should take two hours to complete. Also, the Falls of Clyde can be sighted on the Clyde Valley Tourist Route.

Nearby Accommodation: New Lanark Mill Hotel

Greenock Cut, Inverclyde

Distance: 31 miles

Drive Time: 50 minutes

Starting Point: Greenock Cut Visitor Centre

Greenock Cut is a 12 kilometre circular walk which features more than twenty stone bridges in Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park. One of the highlights on the Greencut Cut includes a 19th century 6.5 kilometre aqueduct.

The aqueduct was used to carry water from nearby Loch Thom reservoir to the town’s burgeoning industries. Also, there are plenty of excellent views over the River Clyde

Greenock Cut Waterfall is near Greenock Cut Visitor Centre. Also, the water flows into Loch Thom.

There is a small car park at the visitor centre which is free to park in. It is only a 300-foot walk from the car park to the waterfall. 

Greeto Falls, Largs

Distance: 35 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Starting Point: Eastern Avenue

Greeto Falls can be reached from the small town of Largs on the North Ayrshire coast. There is a footpath known as the Greeto Bridge Walk which takes you above Gogo Water until you reach the falls which are high above Largs

The route is steep, however, you can witness the gorgeous views across the Firth of Clyde to the isles of Cumbrae, Bute and Arran. At the falls, you can enjoy numerous pools and relax at the well-known Largs landmark.

Biglees Waterfall, Largs

Distance: 35 miles

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: Fairlie Moor Road

Biglees Waterfall is one of the smallest (15ft) hidden waterfalls near Glasgow, The waterfall is tucked away in a gorge.

The gorge is decorated with red and gold sandstone, moss covered trees and massive boulders. Making it feel like you are not in Scotland at all.

If you are brave enough to get close you can try and stand behind the waterfall. Also, there are two pools where the water is about waist high.

The waterfall is difficult to get to as there is no maintained access but it is not too far from the road. You can try parking on the narrow Fairlie Moor Road where there is a small parking place after the castle grid.

You have to follow a steep muddy path to get there. Therefore, a lot of scrambling is required to get there. 

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Bracklinn Falls, Callander, Trossachs National Park
Bracklinn Falls, Callander, Trossachs National Park

Bracklinn Falls, Callander

Distance: 42 miles 

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: Callander Crags Car Park

Bracklinn Falls is a waterfall which waves in and out of massive boulders on the River Allt a’Choire Bhric.

At the falls you can admire the rapids tumbling under the wooden bridge and admire the views of the gorge waterfall. The waterfall and the nature around it is so dramatic. 

Bracklinn Falls is located just behind Callander. There are two separate car parks that are located up a single lane road so you can park closer to the falls if you prefer.

The walk from the second car park only takes twenty minutes to get to the falls. This path is a low graded well-marked path which is followed by a steep drop to get to the falls.  

In addition, once the bridge is open you can enjoy a circular route which will take you into the moorland. The circular walk will take approximately one and a half hours and returns to the Callander Crags car park

Nearby Accommodation: Keeper’s Rest

Inversnaid Falls, Stirling

Distance: 41 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Starting Point: Inversnaid Upper Car Park

Inversnaid Falls is a scenic waterfall which flows from Loch Arklet into Loch Lomond. There is a bridge to cross over so you can get a great view of the falls.

Also, this part of Loch Lomond is absolutely stunning, you can view the epic mountain peaks in the distance. This area is very popular for walkers. As the West Highland Way runs through the area. 

The waterfall is a bit remote and you have to drive for fifteen minutes on a single track road.

You can park at Inversnaid Upper car park for free and walk for one mile to get to the waterfall. In addition, there is a hotel and plenty of stunning forest walks to enjoy. 

Pucks Glen, Dunoon

Distance: 41 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Starting Point: Puck’s Glen Car Park

Pucks Glen is a magical trail which winds along a Victorian walkway and through a large rocky gorge that malevolent spirits are said to haunt. The route is shadowed by massive dense Douglas Firs.

Also, the dark and atmospheric defile contains a tumbling burn, enclosed by rocky moss-covered walls and dramatic waterfalls. After rainfall, the walk and numerous bridges can become wet in some sections.

The route is 2.8 kilometres and will take one hour to explore. Also, there is a small car park which is free of charge. However, there are no facilities at Pucks Glen.

The nearest toilet facilities are at Benmore Botanic Gardens or alternatively you can head to Dunoon where there are more public toilets and a great choice of places to eat. 

Nearby Accommodation: Ruskin Lodges

Dalcairney Falls, Ayrshire

Distance: 56 miles

Drive time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Starting Point: Dalcairney

Dalcairney Falls is on the River Doon and surrounded by stunning scenery making it a beautiful place to visit. The waterfall is a popular spot for walkers and photographers.

Also, during the winter months the waterfall can freeze over completely to create a beautiful winter scene. The road to get to the falls is a single track road with very few passing places.

It is tarmac for most of the way; however, the last three spaces include a bumpy gravel road.

There is space for two or three cars to park at the bridge. From the small car parking area it is only a short walk to the falls, not much walking is required. 

Alternatively, you can walk from B741 near Doon Bridge which will take you half an hour to walk to the falls. Also, the last 10 minutes of the walk is quite steep.

Another option includes walking from Cathcartson where there are signs for the trail that lead to the waterfall. 

Stinchar Falls, Girvan

Distance: 58 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Starting Point: Forest Drive Car Park

Stinchar Falls lies on the River Stinchar which flows from the Galloway Forest Park and to the Firth of Clyde at Ballantrae. The waterfall is very impressive and is located right in the heart of the forest. 

There is a narrow woodland path to follow after you have walked along the dirt track road. Once you follow the narrow trail you will come across the Stinchar Falls viewing platform.

The route is easy to follow and is clearly marked from the car park. For parking you can park in the car park near Stinchar Bridge

Allt Robuic Waterfalls, Glenbranter

Distance: 66 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Starting Point: Glenbranter

Glenbranter is a Forestry and Land Scotland site in Argyll Forest on the Cowal Peninsula. At Glenbranter there is a visitor centre.

Also, there are toilets, information boards, free parking and picnic tables. The destination has beautiful forests, wonderful wildlife and excellent walking trails. 

The Broadleaves Trail is a red marked trail which is a mile long and features avenues of Cyrus and Beech.

Another trail, Waterfall Trail, is signposted with yellow posts and is two and a half miles long with steeply sloped bridges and a few waterfalls along the muddy route.

In addition, the walk is also known as Lauder walk which is named after Sir Harry Lauder, a famous music hall star from the first half of the twentieth century and a former owner of Glenbranter Estate

Grey Mare's Waterfall
Grey Mare’s Waterfall

Grey Mare’s Waterfall, Moffat

Distance: 68 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 25 minute

Starting Point: Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve

Grey Mare’s Waterfall is a magnificent feature of Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve. Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve is one of the most scenic nature reserves in the lowlands of Scotland.

The waterfall plunges into the Moffat Water Valley from a height of 60 metres. Also, it is one of the UK’s highest waterfalls.

The start of the walk is very steep, so be prepared for a tiring climb and bring plenty of water. Once you overcome this section you will be rewarded with amazing views. 

As well as the waterfall you can keep an eye out for ospreys, feral goats and peregrine falcons. Also you can admire the dramatic southern upland landscapes which have been created by glacial erosion.

In addition, you can pass the waterfall and continue your adventure to Loch Skeen, Mid Craig and the summit of White Comb.

There is a car park and an overflow car park is next door if it is exceptionally busy when you are there. The road between the motorway and the start of the walk is very narrow and twisty.

Also, the drive from the motorway will take approximately thirty minutes. Car parking is £3.00 and free if you are a National Trust for Scotland member. 

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How Many Waterfalls Does Scotland Have?

Scotland is home to over 150 waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls are in the highlands, due to the wet climate, rain and steep rugged terrain.

Interestingly, some of Scotland’s waterfalls have Gaelic names or meanings. 

Final Note

This post lists the best waterfalls near Glasgow. Make sure you are prepared for your adventure.

I recommend packing a water bottle, wearing comfy footwear and having your phone with a full battery. Also, make sure you can take plenty of amazing photos.

In addition, remember if you visit after a period of rainfall, the waterfalls will be more immense.

While visiting on days with long sunny periods will be less impressive. Please make sure you respect these environments and leave them the way you found them. 

This post lists some of my favourite and the most dramatic waterfalls near Glasgow, Scotland. As well as waterfalls, you can enjoy hills, Munros, country parks and parks near Glasgow.

I hope this post has inspired you to explore Glasgow and the surrounding areas. If the weather is against you why don’t you explore some of the best free museums and attractions in Glasgow.

Scotland’s landscapes are phenomenal and best known for waterfalls. You can head to the Highlands for the highest waterfalls or feel wild and head off to the remote islands to find waterfalls.

There are plenty of excellent waterfalls near Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen and the North Coast 500. If you want to explore more of the UK why not head to the Lake District, Northumberland National Park or Northern Ireland in search for waterfalls.

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