Waterfalls Near Perth Falls of Acharn, Kenmore

16 Epic Waterfalls Near Perth, Scotland (Updated 2023)

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Perth is an idyllic place to connect nature due to the close proximity to many nature walks and gorgeous highland scenery. There are so many waterfalls near Perth near the local towns and villages.

Towns and areas which are popular for walkers include Dollar, Alva, Pitlochry, Dunkeld, Aberfeldy, Kenmore and Crieff. Some waterfalls on this list are Falls of Braan, Reekie Linn, the Black Spout and Falls of Bruar.

This post lists waterfalls that can be found in the counties of Angus, Perth and Kinross. The waterfalls are all within an hour and a half drive from Perth.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity to explore the nearby countryside and chase some waterfalls. 

Buchanty Spout, Crieff

Distance: 13 miles

Drive Time: 30 minutes

Starting Point: Car park at the bridge over River Almond

Buchanty Spout is located on the River Almond. This place is worth a visit especially in the Autumn.

During the Autumn months you can witness the salmon leaping up the river. Also, the best time to view salmon leaping is after a period of heavy rainfall.

Buchanty Spout is one of the closest waterfalls near Perth in Perthshire. Additionally, the whole area is absolutely stunning.

There are opportunities to see wildlife in the forest including red squirrels. To reach the waterfall you can park in the small car park and it is only a five-minute walk to get to the falls.

Nearby Accommodation: Glen View, Tulchan Lodge

Falls of Braan, Pitlochry, Waterfalls Near Perth
Falls of Braan, Pitlochry, Waterfalls Near Perth

Falls of the Braan, Dunkeld

Distance: 16 miles

Drive Time: 25 minutes

Starting Point: The Hermitage car park

Falls of the Braan is a waterfall located in the Hermitage at the National Trust for Scotland protected site in Dunkeld. The Hermitage is a very picturesque area with stunning falls and wonderful forest trails.

The waterfall is also known as the Black Linn and is only a ten-minute walk from the car park. 

In addition, if you prefer to walk longer you can follow the signs up to Pinecone View Point. Alternatively, you can follow a circular route along the River Braan back to the car park.

Overall, the circular route can take up to two hours. The Hermitage car park is just off the A9 and it costs £3 to park there. 

The Hermitage is a lovely place to go for a walk or to view waterfalls near Perth.

Nearby Accommodation: Tayburn House, Osprey Cottage

Falls of Barvick, Crieff

Distance: 20 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

The Falls of Barvick is located on the path up to Ben Chonzie near the Loch Turret Reservoir. It is very difficult to get to the falls and the base of the canyon.

Nearby Accommodation: The Hideaway

Falls of Turret, Crieff

Distance: 20 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Verge Parking

To get to the Falls of Turret you can park at the track junction on a minor road between Glenturret Distillery and Loch Turret Reservoir.

Nearby Acommodation: Rubys Cottage

Reekie Lin
Reekie Lin

Reekie Linn, Blairgowrie

Distance: 25 miles

Drive Time: 45 minutes

Starting Point: Reekie Linn Waterfall Car Park

Reekie Linn is one of the most powerful and impressive waterfalls in Angus. The short walk takes you through deciduous woodland around the rim of a deep and dangerous gorge.

In addition, you can stand near the top of the falls or get a photo of the falls from a viewpoint further along the path. 

There is a car park especially for the Reekie Linn on the north side of the Bridge of Craigisla, near Alyth. Reekie Linn is a short walk from the car park.

Overall, you can reach the viewpoint for the fall in less than twenty minutes. 

Nearby Accommodation: Nether Craig Holiday Park, Cotlea East Cottage

The Black Spout, Pitlochry
The Black Spout, Pitlochry

The Black Spout, Pitlochry

Distance: 26 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Black Spout Woods Car Park

The Black Spout is a waterfall, the hidden gem of Pitlochry. Also, the location is stunning and the walk to the falls is fairly easy and short.

In addition, you can walk a little further and get up close to the upper section of the falls.

There is a small car park located off a main road in the centre of Pitlochry. Once you are parked it is only a fifteen minute walk to reach the wonderful platform which overlooks the magnificent falls.

Alternatively, if you are up for completing a longer walk you can park in Pitlochry and complete the Black Spout and Edradour circular walk

Nearby Accommodation: The Atholl Palace

Dollar Glen, Dollar

Distance: 28 miles

Drive Time: 40 minutes

Starting Point: Dollar Glen Car Park

Dollar Glen is one of the most magical glens in the central belt of Scotland. There are so many little waterfalls to see in the deep mossy gorges.

In addition, you can explore the variety of wildlife in the network of woodland walks which sit in the shadow of the Ochil Hills.

You can park in the centre of Dollar. Or alternatively, you can park in the Quarry car park which has a small car parking fee or it is free for National Trust for Scotland members.

Also, you can extend your adventure by exploring Castle Campbell or go on up to the Kings Seat.

Nearby Accommodation: The Bothy at Arndean

Rumbling Bridge Gorge, Kinross

Distance: 29 miles

Drive Time: 30 minutes

Starting Point: Rumbling Bridge Car Park

The Rumbling Bridge Gorge is a dramatic box canyon which has wooden bridges and a good viewpoint of the narrow rapids.

Interestingly,  there is a new bridge which is built over an old bridge. To get to the viewpoints you can park in the small village of Crook of Devon and follow the paths. 

Falls of Tummel, Pitlochry

Distance: 29 miles

Drive Time: 45 minutes

Starting Point: Linn of Tummel Car Park

Falls of Tummel is a series of shallow rapids which is located over the River Tummel.

The falls can be viewed as part of a walking trail from Faskally Forest, Faskally Caravan Site or as part of a circular walk from Garry Bridge

Nearby Accommodation: Fonab Castle Hotel

Falls of Moness, Aberfeldy

Distance: 33 miles 

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: Birks of Aberfeldy Car Park

The Falls of Moness is the main feature of a wonderful woodland walk near Aberfeldy. The Falls of Moness are also known as the Birks of Aberfeldy.

It is a truly magical place, it is no wonder this place has been an inspiration to artists for hundreds of years. If you are in this area it is well worth the walk.

The birks in Scots translates to birch trees. The birch trees sit on the steep gorge of Moness along with some oak, ash and elm. 

You can follow a narrow well-defined path from the car park as the 150 metre high trees perch over you. Once you get to the falls, you can enjoy the white roaring water and, in winter, the views over the top to Strathtay.  

Nearby Accommodation: Brae House

Waterfalls Near Stirling
Alva Glen Waterfall

Alva Glen, Alva

Distance: 32 miles

Drive Time: 45 minutes

Starting Point: Alva Glen Car Park

Alva Glen is also located near the Ochils Hill range. The glen is steep-sided with easy dramatic paths to follow which climbs into a ravine.

Also, the glen is diverse and attractive. In addition, the floor of the forest is coated with plenty of wildflowers and there is a variety of wildlife to spot. 

One of the famous things to look out for in Alva Glen is the Smuggler’s Cave.

Overall, the walk from the car park takes one hour. There is a car park at the bottom of the glen. 

Falls of Camserney, Aberfeldy

Distance: 34 miles 

Drive Time: 1 hour

Starting Point: Parking at juntion

Falls of Camserney is located near the small village of Dull. Despite the name of the location, this walk is not dull at all.

The small falls are located over the Camserney Burn

Nearby Accommodation: The Steading

Deil’s Cauldron Waterfall, Crieff

Distance: 35 miles

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: Deli’s Cauldron Waterfall Car Park

Deil’s Cauldron is located near Comrie and is formed by the River Lednock cascading down from higher reaches above Glen Lednock. This Perthshire waterfall is accessible with viewing platforms.

The Deil’s Cauldron is created by waterfall cascading through the rocky gorge in an atmospheric tree-clad atmosphere. There is a car park called the Deli’s Cauldron Waterfall Car Park just outside the village of  Comrie.

Car parking is free. In addition, you can extend the route further by ascending to Melville Monument which is perched on Dun More Hill.

You can follow a stunning circular woodland walk which will take approximately one hour to complete. 

Nearby Accommodation: The Royal Hotel

Falls of Bruar, Waterfalls Near Perth
Falls of Bruar, Waterfalls Near Perth

Falls of Bruar, Pitlochry

Distance: 38 miles

Drive Time: 55 minutes

Starting Point: House of Bruar car park

The Falls of Bruar is a two mile uphill walk near the House of Bruar shopping complex. The area is a beautiful place to visit, with an absolutely spectacular atmosphere.

They are truly one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Perth. Also, the scenery and waterfalls are just simply spectacular.

You can park at the House of Bruar and look out for signs to the waterfalls.

The lower falls are easy to access. There are two stunning viewpoints which display the falls and the old stone bridge.

In addition, the path from the lower falls to the upper falls is slightly steep and therefore it requires a little more effort. Overall, it is a bit of a climb with rugged underfoot.

The upper falls are very high and you can view the old bridge which goes over the river. Also, the gorge is massive and very deep so it is hard to view the bottom of the falls.

Additionally, between the lower and upper falls there is a point where people were jumping off the cliff into the water below.

There are guided canoying experiences available in the lower Falls of Bruar. Feel the adrenaline as you adbseil and climb over the rocks.  

Nearby Accommodation: Woodlands Blair Atholl

Falls of Acharn, Kenmore Waterfalls Near Perth
Falls of Acharn, Kenmore

Falls of Acharn, Kenmore

Distance: 46 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Starting Point: Lay by at road junction

The stunning Falls of Acharn can be found on a beautiful walk from the village of Acharn. One of the most memorable parts from this walk was the stunning viewpoint from Hermit’s Cave.

Be aware that the cave is easy to miss while you are on the Acharn track. The first viewpoint is only a fifteen minute walk from Acharn

Acharn Falls is one of the highest waterfalls near Perth. The hidden upper falls and pools are so magical.

Overall, from Acharn, the walk is over a mile long and will take an hour. Alternatively, you can complete the walk from Kenmore which is a three-mile walk in total. 

Nearby Accommodation: Anemone

Falls of Dochart, Waterfalls Near Me
Falls of Dochart, Killin

Falls of Dochart, Killin

Distance: 55 miles

Drive Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Starting Point: Killin Car Park

Falls of Dochart is located in the beautiful village of Killin in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. The falls are shallow but are one of the most dramatic waterfalls near Perth.

During low flow in the river, you can admire the falls closely and stand on the rocks in the river. Also, when the river is flowing fast after a period of high rainfall you can get excellent views of the falls from the bridge. 

To get to the falls you can park in the car park on the north end of the bridge and walk to the bridge.

Also, you can enjoy a pint, coffee or hearty pub meal at the Dochart Inn. In addition, there is a fantastic gift shop on the banks of the River Dochart

Nearby Accommodation: Craiglea Thistle

How Many Waterfalls Does Scotland Have?

Scotland is home to over 150 waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls are in the highlands, due to the wet climate, rain and steep rugged terrain.

Interestingly, some of Scotland’s waterfalls have Gaelic names or meanings. 

Final Note

Make sure you pack a water bottle, wear comfy footwear and your phone has got full battery. So you can take some amazing photos.

Also, remember if you visit after a period of rainfall, the water will be more immense. While visiting on days with long sunny periods will be less impressive.

Please make sure you respect these environments and leave them the way you found them. 

This post lists some of my favourite and the most dramatic waterfalls in Perthshire, Scotland. I hope this post has inspired you to explore Perth and the surrounding areas.

If you have any suggestions of anything to add please leave a comment below. 

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